Not too long ago, at a bar in LA, Bill Asebroek had an idea that was sure to piss off his friend Ron Shah. So he handed his phone to the bartender and asked her to take his picture holding a drink. Then he sent the picture to Ron. In the message, Bill told Ron he had just been tagged and Ron had 24 hours to get to a bar and order the same drink or he would owe Bill that drink next time they got together.

Now, Ron isn't the kind of guy to pass on a challenge, especially when there is drinking involved, so he accepted, and headed to a bar right after work, ordered up the exact drink took a picture with his phone as proof, and sent it to Bill. But dont think it ended there. The next day Ron headed to the local tavern and got even, handed his phone to a cute girl who snapped the picture, tagging Bill with a beer and a shot, and the same 24 hour rule! Game on!!!

P.S. The girl loved the game and started playing with her friends (and Ronnie ended up dating her for 2 1/2 minutes)

The concept of BarTag was born.

Since then, Bill and Ron have played many (some say TOO many) rounds of BarTag, and every time they ask people to take their photo, they get asked what they are doing. They've met many interesting people, had some adventures, and made several new friends while playing BarTag, so it only made sense to call their buddy Bill Sutherland in San Jose and ask him to build a website to explain the rules. That way more people would be able to enjoy the game of BarTag.

So now that you know how it started, go to a bar, order a drink, and BarTag a friend!